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What are Countertop Remnants?

During the fabricating step of our countertop installation process, large slabs of natural stone and quartz are cut, edged and polished based the exact measurements for a customer’s project. After the cutting process, there are often left over sections of stone. These small pieces and sink cutouts are called remnants. Available in variety of different materials and sizes from previous projects, these remnants are ideal for small spaces and can be often purchased at a discounted price. Check out a few small project ideas for granite remnants and partial quartz slabs below!

Bathroom Vanity Countertops

Smaller bathroom vanities are the perfect, smaller area for partial slabs. Powder rooms are high-traffic areas in the home, so it’s very beneficial to have a sturdy countertop, such as granite, in this room! Quartz is also a great option for this space since it’s nonporous and will not absorb moisture or bacteria.

Custom Furniture

Another great option is for topping custom furniture you already have. Customize your dresser, bookcase or nightstand with a unique granite piece. You could also add a marble remnant to your accent table to add elegance to the space.

Fireplace Surrounds

Whether you choose marble or granite, fireplace surrounds create eye-catching focal points for living rooms, dens, family rooms, bedrooms, or virtually any room in your home.

Small Countertop Islands

While most kitchens may require a full slab for their large islands, remnants are perfect for those smaller kitchen spaces.  Have a walk-in closet? Choose a partial slab to create a custom island top!

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