Custom Crafted Countertops for your Kitchen, Bathroom, or Other Projects in 3 Simple Steps.

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1. Choose the Stone

Stop by our showroom and choose a stone from our warehouse inventory or from the wide range of samples within our showroom.  We have granite, quartz, marble, quartzite, soapstone and other  beautiful stones.

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2. Cutting & Edges

We digitally map the template of your project into our software. Once approved, our craftsmen will cut and finish the stone using our state of the art CNC cutting and edge polishing machines.

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3. Installation

A professional installation is key to any project. We warranty every job we install and are there if you need us long after the job is complete.  At IntelliStone, your satisfaction is set in stone!

Crafting Dreams into Reality with Precision and Care

IntelliStone is locally owned and operated.  For the last ten years, we have been crafting dreams into reality. We artfully merge the latest technology and old world stone craftmanship in creating custom made countertops to your exact specifications. We use the most up to date computer controlled technology to deliver an unmatched polished edge and perfect cut every time.

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