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Everything You Need To Know About Granite Countertops

We understand that when it comes to shopping for new countertops, it can be overwhelming due to the many surface materials available. To help you through the process, we’ve created a brief overview of some essential granite information.

What is Granite?

Granite is made up of the minerals quartz and feldspar. The formation of granite occurs under intense heat and pressure beneath the earth. As a result, granite becomes strong, hard and dense. Granite is considered a natural stone and has been used in numerous applications. It is a timeless material with great characteristics, one being durability, which makes its a top choice for countertop surfaces. It is a perfect option for high traffic areas like kitchen countertops or even a fireplace surround for a unique design feature.

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Where Does Granite Come From?

Granite is a natural stone sourced from locations all around the world like Italy, India and Brazil. It is quarried from the earth in large blocks, which are then sliced into slabs which will eventually be created into custom kitchen or bath countertops. Some stone is only available from specific countries and the cost of transport from that location can factor into the price of your granite countertops.

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What Are The Characteristics of Granite?

Granite is widely known for its durability and is highly resistant to scratches. When properly cared for, it will not be affected by common sources of stains. Granite is a popular countertop material with homeowners because it is heat-resistant, making it an ideal choice for kitchens.

Where Color is Granite?

Granite slabs are available in a variety of colors and patterns. The color of granite will vary from slab to slab and that’s why it’s important to view your stone of choice in person at our franklin countertop showroom so you can see the unique variation in color and shading. Granite slabs can feature an array of hues such as blues, grays, greens, yellows, whites and blacks so you are sure to find the color that fits your design style. Take a look at a few granite designs from our Select Series Program below!

Black Pearl Leathered

This granite design is a predominately black stone with speckles of blacks, golds, silver, browns, greens and shades of grey. From afar, the stone appears to be one color but up close, you’re able to see the unique, intricate tones.

Bianco Sardo

Bianco Sardo features a pale grey and white background flecked with black accents. This stone is sure to brighten any space and give it a clean look!

Dallas White

This light white granite design is interspersed with black, grey and burgundy speckles. Although simple, Dallas White granite is a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom.

Giallo Verona

This granite features cool whites blended with pewter with sienna and umber accents. This beautiful golden-beige stone creates a stunning natural warmth.

How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost?

The cost of granite countertops can vary and are dependent on a few different factors. Some things that determine your granite countertop price are the thickness of the stone, the design you choose, the difficulty level of the project and the size of the countertops. Many homeowners are willing to pay more for granite countertops because they offer a great return on investment. Unique, high-quality granite countertops improve the look of the whole room and stay beautiful for years.

Ready to Start your Granite Countertops Project?

All in all, granite is a great investment for any home! Be sure to check out our countertop gallery to view project photos and be inspired. If you are looking for granite countertops in Nashville, Tennessee or have any additional questions contact our team here at IntelliStone to help you make the best selection!

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